Video Links

The videos listed below have been selected and pre-screened for possible use by a facilitator in the process of going through this program and teaching the content. All these videos can be used in a variety of ways within specific contexts (topic introduction, reflective writing prompt, creative project modeling, or even homework assignments).

The videos are in the order that they appear in Lessons 1-9. All videos are publicly available at no cost and can be found on YouTube or Vimeo or through The Forgotten International website. The “by line” indicates who posted it.

Unit 1 - Gratitude

“First World Problems Anthem” by (1 minute)

“No Arms, No Legs, No Worries” by Nick Vujicic, edited by HumplePie Entertainment (4 minutes)

“Gratitude” - by Moving Art™ (6 minutes)

“Music Videos by Nimo”

“Nimo’s Ted Talk: From solving to serving to surrender: Nimesh Patel”

Unit 2 - The Real World

“The Miniature Earth” (2010 edition) Official version by Al Lucca (3 minutes)

“The Sharing Experiment” by Action Against Hunger (2 minutes)

Unit 3 - The Problems We Face

“What is a human right?” by United Nations Human Rights (2 minutes)

“Basic Human Needs” by Wavy Gravy & Ace of Cups

Unit 4 - Empathy

“Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show” from Korea’s Got Talent (8 minutes)

“Children Full of Life” Part 1” (10 minutes)

“Children Full of Life”

“Sometimes You're A Caterpillar” by Dhescaleigh and Kat Blaque (3 minutes)

“Empathy vs. Sympathy” by KarmaTube

Unit 5 - Compassion

“22 Random Acts of Kindness” by Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi (3 minutes)

“2013 Kindness Challenge Winner - Hannah Brencher, More Love Letters” by Random Acts of Kindness (4 minutes)

“LA Man Loans House to Homeless Family for One Year” from Go Inspire Go 50/50

Act Of Sportsmanship Gives Texas High Schooler Shot At Glory NEWS!!! by Steve Hartman, CBS (3 minutes)

“Giving More and More” by Nipun Mehta

Unit 6 - Poverty Near & Far

“Living on a Dollar a Day” Trailer by The Forgotten International (4 minutes)

Unit 7 - Out of Poverty

“CNN: Feeding the Hungry, Nourishing the Soul” (3 minutes)

“Back on My Feet” by Storytellers For Good (5 minutes)

Unit 8 - Needs, Wants & Waste

“The Story of Stuff” by The Story of Stuff Project (2007 version - 22 minutes)

Unit 9 - Happiness

Last scene from “The Pursuit of Happiness” by Ciprian Vatamanu (5 minutes)

Unit 10 - Doing Good

“Pre-school Kindness” by Random Acts of Kindness (3 minutes)

“Doing Good in Hollywood” (Search celebrities and see how they give back)

“Designing for Generosity” by Nipun Mehta

“What does it take to create a giver culture"?” by Nipun Mehta