There are myriad ways to integrate the content into other subject areas like math, history, science and more. Explore some of the suggestions below and design your own unique Doing Good course!


Integrate the Doing Good content with math units of percentages, statistics, graphing, story problems, or any kind of quantitative measurement. Spatial-reasoning activities can help students see how math can solve problems and is integral to life.


Studying the history of religious traditions will reveal that compassion is at the core of each and every one of them. Learning about historical scholars whose teachings were based on compassion is another excellent way to connect the Doing Good content with History lessons.


By exploring plays, films and paintings, students can enter imaginatively into the lives of others and make an empathic identification with people whose experiences are entirely different from their own.


Biology class is the perfect place to study the way our minds work and bodies feel when we practice compassion (neuroscience). Other topics in alignment with the Doing Good program include the interdependence of life, and ecosystems and human impact on them.

Language Arts

Using news, advertising, social media, etc…, students can investigate and report on the differences in word choice and tone, and how they create different feelings and actions. Writing activities can help students connect with people or organizations that can help them to support or provide for other young people in less fortunate areas or circumstances.