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Our Mission

  • To encourage young people to be aware of all that they have and begin to think of ways to benefit others.

  • To cultivate the next generation of philanthropists and world-changers by educating teenagers about the most pressing issues around the globe today.

  • To offer an educational experience that results in more empathic and compassionate responses to what the world needs more of right now.

  • Do Good. Feel Good. Be Good.


"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

— Dalai Lama




The Forgotten International works to bring together people in the world who have great resources with people who have great needs.  We provide those with means a way to contribute globally and encourage compassion.  As a result, those in need are given the gift of hope, while those who help are given the gift of knowing that the world has been made better through their kindness and compassion.

 TFI operates entirely on donations and focuses its limited resources within three main areas:

Raising Awareness

            The goal of the Doing Good Curriculum is to foster compassion and get more young people engaged in doing good in the world.  It’s not enough to just inform them about poverty and other pressing social issues.  We want to touch them where they live, and to realize how much they have, and how fortunate they are – to be grateful and give back. This is not your typical classroom course. It's a journey through what it means to be human and come to the understanding that we all want and need, and deserve the same things. 

            Other ways in which we build awareness and bring attention to the matter of global poverty are through our book and documentary film, both of the same name, Living on a Dollar a Day.

 Encouraging Action

            Through the Fellowship Program, TFI sends skilled volunteers to live and work abroad for at least 8 weeks with the grassroots organizations we support in an effort to directly serve the disadvantaged in local communities.  Individuals can also support our work through donating directly toward an organization in need.  100% of donations are put toward programmatic work.

 Alleviating Poverty

            The Forgotten International makes gifts to trusted community organizations, village schools, charitable medical clinics, and orphanages that make the most of their own resources. TFI currently supports organizations in Cambodia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Uganda, and the United States.