Put the FUN in Fundraising with these exciting and effective activities!


Students can collect very attractive items from local donors, such as tickets to a local show, dinner at a nice restaurant, a new computer product, weekend at a resort or Inn, etc…, and sell raffle tickets to faculty, staff, parents and other students. 

Bake Sale:

Make it more unique by having students bake not only traditional sweets, but also savory, healthy, or ethnic treats.

Book Sale:

Students could sell used textbooks, paperbacks and comic books that they have outgrown or no longer have any need for or interest in.  Perhaps the book sale could be advertised middle schools or community centers in the area.

Car Wash:

Just good clean fun!  On campus or off, car washes can really bring in the cash.  On campus, students could wash all faculty cars for a small fee of $10 each.  With 50 teachers and administrators, students could raise $500, and every faculty member drives home in a clean car!


A great way to be creative in raising money, all while having a grand time!

Coupons or Coupon Books:

Students can make coupons good for a variety of services, such as babysitting, yard work, technology assistance, academic tutoring, grading quizzes, music lessons or entertainment, etc…  Coupons are then sold to parents, teachers, neighbors and other students.

Crowdfunding Competition:

Student groups decide on a cause they believe in (e.g., raising money to purchase school supplies for a school in an impoverished community).  The group designs a webpage on one of the online fundraising sites, such as Indiegogo.com or GoFundMe.com, where they set a common fundraising goal and start campaigning to reach that goal.  The various groups can have a competition to see who reaches the goal first or who raises the most money at the end of the campaign.  Be sure to check the rules of the crowdfunding sites to make sure everyone understands the process and the financial outcomes before getting started.

Fundraising dinner: 

Students can host a dinner for parents at their school with food, entertainment, and raffle prizes.


Here are a few ideas to take advantage of holidays:

President’s Day: Students try to collect every coin and bill that has a president on it, or as many of one of each president as they can.

Valentine’s Day: Sell colored roses, chocolates or candy-grams, kisses (w/free hugs), or student serenades. 

Easter: Sell Easter baskets or candy. Host an easter egg hunt with prizes hidden in the eggs.

Halloween: Create a haunted house and charge an entrance fee. 

Thanksgiving: Sell pies or turkey-grams. Throw a potluck dinner. 

Hanukkah:  Sell menorah candles or dreidels or have a dreidel tournament. 

Christmas: Sell ornaments or candy canes. Collect donations under a tree on campus or set up a gift wrapping station at the local mall.


For this competition, place a jar in each classroom for collecting money for a designated charity. At the end of a month-long period, the classroom with the most money in their jar wins a prize.

Rummage Sale:

Students and faculty can donate unwanted household items for a big sale on campus. Refreshments such as baked goods and beverages could be sold too. Invite the whole community and promote a good cause.


Hold a fundraiser such as a fashion show, comedy, karaoke, lip-sync contest, battle of the bands, or general talent variety show.

Students vs. Faculty Game:

Students can hold a contest where they compete against faculty members, such as a sports game, a pie-eating contest, a cheerleading contest, or a dance-off.


Here students can walk around a track or neighborhood block, or swim laps in a pool, or do yoga sun salutations in the gym, as their family and friends pledge money for every lap/round completed.