Hellooooo Summer!


Congratulations, you made it to the end of the school year!  Whether you sailed across the finish line or limped over it, you should be proud of the work you accomplished with your students.  Now, it’s all about reflecting, refreshing and recharging!    

So, before you completely check out for summer, we at the Doing Good Program want to share three simple ideas that might just have you looking forward to (I’m going to say it) back-to-school.  ;-)  Then when August does roll around, you’ll be feeling good and ready to be “doing good”.

1) Be Grateful

Reflect back on the recent semester and try to list at least five things that were amazing!  A specific lesson? A book you read? A student  breakthrough?  Or maybe you achieved a personal goal, like treating yourself with a little more self-compassion.  Whatever happened, your successes should be recognized and celebrated.  Be grateful for all the opportunities, experiences, and the growth. 

2) Be Curious

Ask yourself what you want to focus on improving next year?  Was there some content you really wanted to teach but didn’t get a chance to?  A new approach you wanted to try?  A skill or concept you want to learn more about?  Maybe it’s about your own learning – learning how to take care of yourself and be good to yourself so you can be of good to others.

3) Be Open

The end of the school year is the perfect time to think about implementing new strategies, content and activities.  If you’re like me, chances are you learned something awesome and thought, “I have to try this!”  But then the packet from the conference ended up filed in a drawer somewhere (or lost in your backseat) and you forgot about it amidst all the tests, core requirements, and grading. 

No worries.  You can always wander around this website, watch and share the feel good video of students making a difference in the world (on the Compassion Curriculum page), take a peek at the teacher’s guidebook, or follow the Doing Good page on Facebook for more more ways and means to a light and bright back-to-school.  Until then, kick off your flip-flops and soak up summer!